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A sweet love story set in Sweetheart, Montana. 

With Christmas and a family showdown looming, can she find a miracle?

Hoping to reunite her mother with her long-lost brother for Christmas, Interior designer 
Hayley Stevens travels to Montana to hand-deliver a Christmas card to the uncle she’s never met. Finding her uncle is easier than getting him alone to explain her mission. Reluctantly Hayley hides her identity to learn more her uncle and his family, but it’s his handsome and enigmatic partner who captures her heart and imagination.

Architect and builder 
Blake Dennison is attracted instantly to the beautiful Hayley, but he’s is suspicious of her curiosity. Can she be a spy for a rival builder? He’s been burned by deceit before, but as he spends time with Hayley, he falls hard. 

Hayley knows she has much more at stake than fulfilling her mother’s Christmas dream, and when she confesses to Blake the real reason for her visit, his reaction is what she feared. He wants her gone. But Hayley knows how to fight for what she wants.

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Blake paused in the doorway of the hotel bar and punched in Hayley’s phone number. She was seated on a stool, chatting to the bar tender and drinking a glass of white wine. In her dark red wool dress that clung to her slender curves, heeled ankle boots and blonde hair waving around her shoulders, she looked utterly delectable.

She reached for her phone on the bar, saw his number, and hesitated. His breath tightened his chest. She hadn’t seen him. Would she pick up?  

At last she did. "Can I help you?"

"I'd like to buy you a drink," Blake said.

"Sorry, I just washed my hair,” she replied coolly. “I'm in my pajamas, getting ready for a night in with Netflix."

"Is that so? Lady, you lie as smoothly as a fitted sheet." He started walking slowly toward her. "How about putting on that nice red dress of yours, slipping on some warm boots and heading downstairs to the bar? I'm thinking you'd enjoy a glass of pinot grigio. Or maybe chardonnay."

She froze. And then turned slowly around. Her gaze slammed into his and her cheeks went red. Busted.

Connected Books - The Starr Brothers of Montana Series

RUBY Award winner

Alex Chernoff is just blowing through town....

A birthday card out of the blue from his estranged father sends successful Seattle marketing man Alex Chernoff on a detour to Cherry Lake in search of answers about his past. A day, maybe two, to tie up loose strings and he’ll be out of there, heading for Mexico, margaritas and blondes in bikinis.

Emma Stanhope is all too familiar with hot, rich, entitled guys like Alex. They never hang around for long, especially not for a Plain Jane like herself. No problem. She’s smart and logical, like any good scientist, and knows better than to lose her heart. 

What Emma doesn’t count on is chemistry—of the romantic kind. 

Alex, when he learns that he’s a secret from his father’s real family, can’t stay even if he wanted to.

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Mia needs a miracle...

When Mia Tempesta goes into labor during a snowstorm on Christmas Eve, she stumbles into Will Jackson's cherry packing shed. As a war widow, she's lost everything–her husband, her home, and her job. But when Will, a caring stranger, delivers her beautiful baby boy into her arms, she has hope for a brighter future.

After being betrayed and dumped by his long-time girlfriend, Will’s dreading the holidays, but when he helps deliver Mia’s son on Christmas morning, he gains a renewed purpose in life. The beautiful Mia and her child tug on his protective heart strings and he finds himself longing to help. They fight their growing attraction–Will’s on the rebound and Mia is still grieving. 

Can two damaged hearts find healing and happiness? One Christmas baby might just be the miracle they need to love again. 

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Book 2, 79th Copper Mountain Rodeo series

Book 3 in The Starr Brothers of Montana. 

No good deed goes unpunished...

Rough rider Cody Starr relishes his reputation as the bad boy on the rodeo circuit. When he impulsively leaves his prize money as a tip for a struggling waitress so her little boy can get a heart operation, Cody keeps quiet about it, knowing he’s only atoning for past sins. His good deed is outed when Kelly Reid drives across three states to thank him in person. Despite the fact that Kelly forces him to confront his past and question everything, Cody starts to fall hard for her. 

Single mom Kelly Reid thinks Cody is a Hero with a capital H. She believes in Cody, but she knows that nothing long term can come of their intense attraction until he believes in himself. Is Cody the love ‘em and leave ‘em guy he claims to be or could he possibly be the man of her dreams?

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All right. So Jack Thatcher has experienced deep, personal tragedy. Dr. Sienna Maxwell gets that. But how can the man drop out of life the way he has, pretending to be happy hosting fabulous dinner parties and puttering in his back shed? That's something she will never be able to understand. Because he's only pretending, right?
Sienna's a shoot-from-the-hip high achiever, who demands no less from everyone around her. Driven and determined to make her new medical practice--and everything she touches--a success, she wants a whole lot more from Jack than charm...and kisses. She wants nothing less than perfect.

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