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My last ever Superromance! Sadly, the line is folding. It’s the end of an era for me and for Harlequin Publishing. This is a book of my heart, one I’ve been working on for five years, on and off. I’m really happy to finally see it published. I hope you enjoy it!

Some loves can’t be denied 

A lot has changed for musical prodigy Finn Farrell since he spent his summers practicing with his piano teacher—and falling for her socialite niece, Carly Maxwell. After blowing his audition for Juilliard, Finn turned his back on performing, his romance with Carly collateral damage. 

When their paths cross a decade later, it’s impossible to ignore how much they’ve grown apart. But what hasn’t changed is how comfortably they t, or their heart-pounding attraction. Now a high-powered executive, Carly has a life a world away from songwriter Finn’s, but she has big dreams for both of them, if she can show Finn he’s worth it.

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